About Us

Welcome to University Bulletin Board, a site created by University students and for University students. Here you can find items from other students in your University, getting great deals in used textbooks, electronics, services and more, while in the process helping out you classmates.

University Bulletin Board came from having to buy expensive textbooks from the bookstore semester after semester. Whether we bought them in the bookstore or bought them online, we found that the best deal was buying it from a student that just finished with the class.

But how to find these people?

Sure, sometimes you get lucky, but what if there was someplace where your classmates could post these textbooks and other items and great deal EVERY semester?

And so we created University Bulletin Board. Proving a local market not just for textbooks but for electronics, furniture, and even services.

We currently service the greater Miami area including the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida International University and Barry University.